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strategic planning 

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Strategic planning is making choices and translating priorities into a workable plan. It focuses the organization’s energy and resources toward achieving its mission and vision and, if done properly, ensures that everyone is working towards the same goals. The process includes defining the vision and identifying priorities, goals, and actions to achieve this vision. This process establishes a connection between the overall direction, a sustainable business model, and available resources. The strategic plan serves as the roadmap for the board and staff and the foundation for decision-making. Inclusive planning involves participation from across the organization, encompassing stakeholder input (with a specific focus on those served by the organization), evaluations of operational and competitive landscapes, and performance data related to the organization's work. 


Strategic planning often unfolds in a series of five phases, with each phase building on the one that came before. When beginning a new phase of strategic planning, it is important to keep a few key questions in mind. This resource includes the five steps to employ while strategic planning, from planning to plan monitoring your progress. 


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