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about us

our mission

We amplify, cultivate, and advocate for Wyoming's nonprofits.


We amplify the impact of nonprofits and philanthropy through research, partnerships, and building public support.

We cultivate meaningful connections to foster learning and development for our nonprofit members and advance strong governance and management practices.

We advocate for partnerships and public policies to expand the reach and effectiveness of nonprofits as Wyoming’s official association for nonprofits.

OUR guiding principles

Our Guiding Principles are core beliefs that guide behavior, decisions, and actions. They serve as the foundation for our organization’s culture.

Wyoming communities thrive when nonprofits succeed. We focus our efforts on supporting nonprofits through our mission so they can focus on what’s most important: supporting our communities.

Significant accomplishments are not realized in isolation. We collaborate, convene, and partner for the most effective and inclusive means of fulfilling our mission.

Continuous improvement and creative solutions drive superior outcomes. We learn from experiences, thrive on adaptability, and welcome evolution.

Exceptional teams yield extraordinary outcomes. We are committed to building and fostering a positive team culture where we support one another, celebrate successes, and build trust.


We are proud to have a dedicated team of exceptional staff and board members. Their diverse backgrounds, wealth of experiences, and dedication collectively contribute to our common goal of elevating and supporting a strong nonprofit sector in Wyoming. Meet our team.


We are one of the state's largest network of organizations dedicated to the common good with more than 400 members with a range of missions and spread across Wyoming. We are an ally member of the National Council of Nonprofits, the largest sector-wide network of nonprofits in North America. 

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Wyoming Nonprofit Network
822 West 23rd Street, Unit A
Cheyenne, WY  82001
(307) 772-9050

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