Business Modeling for Nonprofits: The Mission Money Balance - Montana Nonprofit Assn

  • 04 Jun 2014
  • 9:00 AM - 3:30 PM
  • Billings, MT - Hilton Garden Inn

How can your nonprofit best achieve its highest impact with a sustainable funding model? What is a business model for a nonprofit and how can understanding it better help it achieve greater impact and improve its financial position?

In this workshop you will investigate how to incorporate all aspects of an organization's functioning, including its Governance, into a business model, and how to link the model to a nonprofit's moving parts, recognizing how a decision about one aspect of your organization can impact others. You will:

--Identify how the resources you use and the activities for which you use them drive your costs and determine your choices of revenues.

--Experiment with ways of modeling your nonprofit.

--Learn a new framework for understanding your nonprofit's business model

--Learn to use the Business Model Canvas to look at your nonprofit, taking into consideration the people you serve, funders, resources and activities, relationships and communications with partners and customers.

--Understand your nonprofit's revenues and costs in that larger context, with a focus on mission impact.

You’ll explore strategies that a nonprofit can follow in order to strengthen its business model, as well as commonsense approaches and tactics to reconfigure activities so that they are less expensive to operate. And you’ll consider more bold steps and strategies such as changes in primary target customer or a new key proposition.

Considering options in the context of mission and within the framework of the business model can yield new and innovative approaches to the way your nonprofit does business.

Richard Brewster, Nonprofit Leadership and National Center on Nonprofit Enterprise, Alexandria, VA

Fees and Registration:
Wyoming Nonprofit Network members: $95 if registered by May 20th. After this date, the fee is $110. Lunch is included.

Non Members: $175 if registered by May 20th. After this date, the fee is $185. Lunch is included

For more information and to register, click here. If you are a member of the Wyoming Nonprofit Network, choose "Other State Association Member" when completing the registration information. 




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