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advocacy and Public policy

We advocate for partnerships and public policies to expand the
reach and effectiveness of nonprofits as Wyoming's association for nonprofits.

The Wyoming Nonprofit Network is committed to monitoring and acting on policy changes at the national and state levels that impact the work of nonprofits. We represent the network when lawmakers need to hear from our ranks. 

The purpose of our Public Policy Program is to:

  • Educate policymakers and the public on the importance of Wyoming’s charitable nonprofit sector.
  • Monitor and take action on public policy issues that impact charitable nonprofits.
  • Educate the charitable nonprofit sector on their role in shaping public policies and provide information and resources to effectively engage in advocacy.

We use two main criteria for action:

  • Impact: Does the issue have significant implications for Wyoming’s charitable nonprofits?
  • Support: Is there, or do we reasonably anticipate there will be, general support among our members for the position to be taken?

To ensure that our public policy efforts reflect the broad interests of its members, the board of directors guides the Network’s advocacy and public policy work. 

Policy Agendas

The WNN Board of Directors approved our 2024 State Policy Agenda.

The National Council of Nonprofits, of which WNN is a member, leads the sector in federal advocacy. As such, WNN supports their 2024 Public Policy Agenda.

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