About the Wyoming Nonprofit Network

The Wyoming Nonprofit Network represents the collective voice of the Wyoming charitable nonprofit sector and brings best practices, resources and support to the nonprofit community so that each nonprofit can more effectively fulfill its mission.

Charitable nonprofits are essential to quality of life in our communities. They are:

  • Dedicated to the common good and delivering crucial services in times of need
  • Educating our children and protecting our environment
  • Bringing arts and culture to our communities
  • Offering meaningful avenues for civic engagement through volunteerism
  • Contributing to Wyoming's economic vitality as a major employer
  • Partnering with business and local government to make our communities more vibrant places to live

The Wyoming Nonprofit Support Initiative was started in 2003 by the Wyoming Community Foundation. The Wyoming Association of Nonprofit Organizations was registered in 2005 as a Wyoming nonprofit corporation and recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) in 2008. There was little activity from 2008 to 2010. Starting in 2011, efforts began to reinvigorate the Wyoming Association of Nonprofit Organizations (d/b/a Wyoming Nonprofit Network). As part of this reorganization effort, nonprofits executives across the State of Wyoming overwhelmingly endorsed having an effective membership organization that would:

  • Advocate for the nonprofit sector
  • Build recognition of the scale, scope and impact of the sector among the general public and elected officials
  • Facilitate a professional support network among Wyoming nonprofits
  • Serve as a trusted referral and information resource
  • Promote and support best practices and standards of excellence in nonprofit operations
  • Leverage group-buying power
  • Facilitate professional development, networking and shared learning opportunities across the state

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Wyoming Association of Nonprofit Organizations
d/b/a Wyoming Nonprofit Network
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