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2018 Wyoming nonprofit Salary and Benefit Survey

The Wyoming Nonprofit Network’s 2018 Wyoming Nonprofit Salary and Benefit Survey Report seeks to provide a more complete picture of nonprofit compensation in the state. It was designed to collect more salary and benefit data from more Wyoming charitable nonprofits than what is currently available through public sources and national salary surveys. The overall goal is to better assist nonprofit organizations throughout the state in determining and developing effective compensation programs. 

This survey is the first in what the Wyoming Nonprofit Network expects will be a recurring project. Future surveys will build on this one to capture more of the sector. Please note, the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole conducts an extensive salary survey for Teton County nonprofits every two years. For this reason, we did not include Teton County in this salary survey. 

The data includes responses from 105 charitable nonprofit organizations in Wyoming. The 105 organizations represent 17 different counties and employ 2,678 full-time and 883 part-time employees

The report is provided free-of-charge to Wyoming Nonprofit Network nonprofit members as well as non-members that participated in the survey. Members can download the Report on the members-only page of this website. The survey is available for $50 to all other entities. To purchase an electronic copy, email jshields@wynonprofit.org.


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