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    • 26 Sep 2023
    • 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
    • Online

    This is Part 1 of the 3-part Deeper Learning Fall Series. All sessions are moderated by Nancy Bacon of the Nonprofit Learning Center.

    The 2023 Fall Nonprofit Learning Series focuses on how we design for deeper learning. You create a workshop or webinar because people need help doing something. You put a lot of work into delivering these workshops. You want to be sure that the diverse people in the room learn and can take action on what they learned. You want their feedback to further strengthen the learningfulness of your trainings. What a virtuous cycle—they learn, you learn, and they learn more! These sessions are designed to be action-focused, meaning that you will complete the series with actionable next steps and tools to support your success.

      A Recipe for More Effective, Engaging Training Design

    How can we maximize the possibility that someone will not just learn but also use something you tell or show during a training session? How do we increase engagement so they are ready to transfer what they learn into what they do next? In this 90-minute virtual session, Brian Washburn will share a 4-step model that can be used to help give structure to every training session you'll ever develop. He'll provide specific examples of activities useful both in-person and online that can be strung together to generate effective, engaging training sessions that increase the likelihood that your learners will relate to, remember, and use your training content. You will leave the class with an expanded toolbox of activities and ideas on how you will use one or two of these activities in your next learning event.

     Everyone who attends this session will receive a copy of Brian's ebook: Endurance Learning's Training Activity Cookbook, which offers 63 different activities that can be put together to create 42,000 different combinations of learning experiences.